Motorised Retractable Skylights

Do you need a sliding access hatch? Retractable, Sliding, Swing skylights add something indefinably special to a room, especially when you can open up almost the entire ceiling space to the outdoors, delivering a constantly changing environment within your building at the touch of a button.
Retractable Skylights

Residential Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights offer a unique and dramatic element that can be incorporated into any home. Providing both beneficial daylight and increased ventilation, skylights are believed to improve the health and productivity of occupants. The wide range of motorization control options, including wireless remotes, allow Retractable Skylights to blend seamlessly into the design of a residence.

Residential houses and Pool Enclosures are common applications for Retractable Skylights. When incorporated into a glazed or traditional material structure, Retractable Skylights serve a dual purpose of aesthetically pleasing skylight and operable venting system.

Retractable Skylights can benefit any commercial environment by providing a unique customer experience. Natural daylight, fresh air, and circulation are all beneficial to occupants, providing a more positive environment. Offices with natural light show increased productivity and well-being of employees. Retail stores can use skylights to highlight products in a clean, bright setting, and restaurants offer a unique dining experience with Retractable Skylights that customers will keep coming back for.

Engineering in Retractable Roofing’s and Facades

Have you to cancel your swimming competition due to a lack of appropriate shelter from a sudden unexpected rainfall? Do you have a pool for enjoying it only when you have good weather? Are you tired of using your restaurant outdoor facilities only when you have good weather?

Swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, commercial centres are some of the many examples of outdoor facilities that due to bad weather can be used only three months a year or on very particular days. Any of these open air facilities turn out to be of short term returns. C4G Automation proposes innovative IT solutions for optimazing your open areas. Our:


Having any of our automatic retractable buildings, motorized retractable roofs or motor driven telescopic enclosures you are in a position of transforming in minutes your facility into a dual (outdoor|indoor) one thus allowing you to use them throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Motorized Sliding Roofs

sliding roofs are the perfect way to transform your outdoor structures, attics or skylights into a transparent space where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and can sleep comfortably beneath the stars.
All sliding roofs are motorized and are available with thermal break or normal profiles. The system is composed of a modular structure in steel, aluminium profiles with large cross-section including beams, wall-fixing sections, gutters and support columns. Heavy duty motor provides uniform, reliable movement of the sliding panels that are fitted with safety glass or polycarbonate.

Special Features

Every movement unit controls two sliding modules. This exclusive Tender system permits maximum flexibility of use, as each pair of modules can be opened and closed independently.


Assuming that your gates are either manually locked or locked shut by automation motors, you will need to use at least one method of access control.

There are several methods used to control entry and exit, both of expected and unexpected visitors, namely:

  • Remote Control
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Control
  • GSM Mobile Control
  • Push Button
  • WiFi Control
  • Access Card or Card Reader Entry
  • Intercom Systems

All these methods can be supported by CCTV if required.

In order to determine which of these options will be required, we look forward to meeting you for a survey of your property.

We also automate garage doors and can link the garage door system to the gate system using a remote hand transmitter.


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