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Swing Roof Electric Skylights

Skylight with Compass and Complete top Swing Opening

Swing skylight offered by C4G, with compass opening and complete top swing feature, is a combination of design and high performance, suitable for those looking for maximum functionality. C4G Automation can provide the solution to create bright, sunny interiors even if you have a flat ceiling under a sloping roof. The simple construction of a shaft is all that’s needed to capture light and bring fresh air into the home. A skylight shaft is a light well from which the incoming light from the skylight is distributed into the room. If the shaft is ‘flared’ it is possible to make both the skylight and the shaft appear larger, and it ensures the light is more evenly distributed once it enters the room. Just imagine how opening the ceiling to the sky will visually expand a room with sunlight from above, cool breezes and the spacious open feeling of being in touch with the outdoors.

Swing Operable Skylights

This type of skylight has different applications and specific functions, one being ventilation. A typical ridge vent or standard operable skylight only opens a few degrees, allowing small amounts of ventilation. The vertical unit fully opens, allowing optimum amounts of ventilation into a space. Daylight is a desired effect of all skylights, and the swing series allows ample levels of daylight.

Swing Skylights Easy Access

At times, large equipment may need to be moved into a room, but the building doors may not be large enough. Swing skylights provide an unobstructed opening, allowing equipment to pass into the interior of the building. C4G Automation swing operable skylight can also be used for roof access. Depending on the building’s design, reaching the roof may be challenging, a swing skylight creates an easy exit to any building’s roof. This type of skylight also provides unobstructed views of the night sky for those who enjoy star gazing.

Motorised Skylights Customization

All Swing operable skylights built by C4G Automation are constructed out of low maintenance aluminum framework that will not rot, rust, warp, or require yearly finish work. Aluminum & Stainless steel is an ideal material to withstand years of exposure to the elements. Virtually any type of glazing can be incorporated into the framing system, including laminated glass. The vertical degree skylight is custom built. This means the skylight is built to your specific sizes. The design of the skylight is also built to your desired slope and number of units.



Swing Roof Skylights

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