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Sliding Roof Electric Skylights

Every sliding rooflight we make has built-in, hidden, electronic solid-state controls with battery backup, speed control and creep sealing for quiet and efficient operation. We offer several standard sliding rooflights which all provide something slightly different giving you all the options you need to open up the roof and let the outside in.

Automatic Sliding Roof Skylights

An automated sliding glass roof allows you to totally slide back whole or partial sections of glass roofs automatically with hidden, high quality motors installed within the aluminium framing or the sliding roof light.

An automated sliding roof light can be designed to suit your specific installation needs. They can be walk on, for ventilation purposes or be used as roof access hatches.

Our automated roof light design can be engineered into a bi-parting sliding roof that allows whole glass roofs to smoothly slide open, leaving an open frameless portal to the sky above. The sliding panels slide away from a central meeting point and can then slide away over fixed glass panels or solid roof elements, depending on your design and the space afforded to the sliding roof light installation

Alternatively sliding roof light designs can allow single automated sliding roof lights to slide and sit over solid roof structures to create a fully open, frameless roof light from an internal view.

Opening Glass Roofs

Some sliding roof lights are designed as a two part automated roof light, with one side fixed glazing and one side sliding. The automated sliding roof light slides open smoothly, sitting over the fixed glass element when open.

Mixing our automated glass technology with structural glazing is a perfect solution to glass roofs leading to balcony or terrace spaces. The automated glass units can slide under a panel of structural glazing. This structural glass element can be designed to be walk-on to extend the useable space above.

For roof access designs you might want to consider a boxed sliding roof access sliding roof light.



Sliding Roof Skylights

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