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Retractable Roof Electric Skylights

Retractable Roof system allows you to enjoy the splendour of the garden or balcony space whatever the season, bestow you and your family shelter from rain and sunlight. The series of fabric band sun shelter combined with either a traditional style wooden structure giving depth and character to the installation or a modern powder-coated Aluminum structure. The clean manifestation allows the Roof to blend naturally with all surroundings and amalgamate into a range of design styles, from simply modern to traditional. Exclusively designed for domestic, hospitality and commercial venture.

Retractable Motorized Skylights

Retractable Skylights open up for maximum fresh air, circulation, and unmatched views. While single slope or double pitch configurations are the most common, retractable skylights can be designed in a wide variety of custom configurations as well. C4G Retractable Skylights can be enlarged and altered, depending on pitch, size, and design requirements to meet almost any structural or aesthetic need. Retractable Skylights offer a bold statement for any residential or commercial application, and can be installed in a traditional construction roof, an existing glass structure, or designed as part of a C4G structure, such as pool houses, pool enclosures, greenhouses, sunrooms, or conservatories. Screens are often added to retractable skylights to prevent insects from entering the building.

Residential Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights offer a unique and dramatic element that can be incorporated into any home. Providing both beneficial daylight and increased ventilation, skylights are believed to improve the health and productivity of occupants. The wide range of motorization control options, including wireless remotes, allow Retractable Skylights to blend seamlessly into the design of a residence.

Residential Greenhouses and Pool Enclosures are common applications for Retractable Skylights. When incorporated into a glazed or traditional material structure, Retractable Skylights serve a dual purpose of aesthetically pleasing skylight and operable venting system.

Commercial Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights can benefit any commercial environment by providing a unique customer experience. Natural daylight, fresh air, and circulation are all beneficial to occupants, providing a more positive environment. Offices with natural light show increased productivity and well-being of employees. Retail stores can use skylights to highlight products in a clean, bright setting, and restaurants offer a unique dining experience with Retractable Skylights that customers will keep coming back for.

Skylights Custom Options

Retractable Skylights offer a myriad of customization options: size, color, and control systems, all of which can be designed to suit the customer’s needs. Customers are able to add several features to their retractable skylights, including screens for insect control, rain sensors to automatically close the skylights if inclement weather is detected, or wireless remote control systems for the convenience of the owner. Up to four independent skylights can be controlled by one wireless or hardwired remote control unit.

As with each of our products, we are able to provide one of the largest customization ranges in the industry. Standard, designer, and custom match finishes are available, including paint and anodized options. Dual color or dual finish options are possible. In addition, several custom cladding options of Copper, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Simulated Lead Coated Copper are available. Decorative options, such as ridge cresting, finials, and moldings can be incorporated into skylights. C4G Automation offers glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic options in several tints to satisfy numerous aesthetic pallets.

Automatic Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are a common retractable skylight accessory; when it begins to rain, a sensor detects the moisture and automatically closes the skylight. The multistage retractable skylight is motorized, utilizing a built-in motor and electronic breaks, which prevents the skylight from sliding backwards once the unit is closed.



Retractable Roof Skylights

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