Motorised Rolling Shutters

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C4G Automation is a proudly Indian owned and operated company. We manufacture, supply and install all types of automatic rolling shutters for both domestic and commercial customers. C4G Motorised Rolling Shutters are proud to present some of the best commercial and domestic shutters in India. We provide quality services, installations, rolling shutter repairs and updating for all shutters.

When it comes to security shutters, we have a great range available. Our motorised rolling shutters are not only great in terms of their performance, but also look stylish. At Global Roller Shutters we make sure all our customers are given professional guidance when it comes to finding their perfect shutter selection, as well as installations and repairs if any such need arises in near future.

Rolling shutters are the smart investment for your home in India

Rolling shutters are an affordable way to enhance the style, comfort, security and privacy of your home. They are specially designed for covering entrance, parking, windows and doors and can be installed to fit corner and bay windows as well as sliding and front doors.

Professional, Fast, Reliable Installation. Secure & Easy to Operate.

Are you considering installing rolling shutters for your home? C4G’s rolling shutters offers superior protection from the Australian weather, keeps out unwanted intruders and offers a great deal of privacy for the entire family. Aesthetically-pleasing and contemporary, these secure shutters add significant long-term value and benefits to your home. Our rolling shutters are built using the highest quality of materials the industry has to offer.

Flexible Noise & Light Control

Independent laboratory testing has proven effective reduce noise transmission through a window opening by up to 50%*. The insulation within the shutters provides the ultimate protection from unwanted noise such as traffic, lawn mowers, dogs and airplanes; perfect for shift workers and those with small children who need total environment control.


The automatic rolling shutter is generally power drives. It is fitted with electric motor and gear box. The automatic rolling shutter is made up of M.S., aluminium, galvanized steel, stainless steel, acrylic. These shutters are very economical structure and device for hassle-free opening and closing different areas of the showrooms and have many other commercial establishments. It can be manually released in case of power failure. It is suitable for garage doors & industrial uses. It is extremely durable. It is easy to maintain. It is used when the size of the opening is more than 15mtrs.


Assuming that your gates are either manually locked or locked shut by automation motors, you will need to use at least one method of access control.

There are several methods used to control entry and exit, both of expected and unexpected visitors, namely:

  • Remote Control
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Control
  • GSM Mobile Control
  • Push Button
  • WiFi Control
  • Access Card or Card Reader Entry
  • Intercom Systems

All these methods can be supported by CCTV if required.

In order to determine which of these options will be required, we look forward to meeting you for a survey of your property.

We also automate garage doors and can link the garage door system to the gate system using a remote hand transmitter.


There are various types of automatic rolling shutters with openers available for anyone that wants to automate the opening and closing of their rolling shutters. The reason that there are various options to choose from is because different types of rolling shutters require different openers to make them automatic, so it’s important to choose a suitable motor for the appropriate rolling shutter.


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