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Grill Electric Rolling Shutters

Grill rolling shutters Rolling grills are similar to rolling shutters in design, construction and operation. We are the known grill rolling shutters manufacturer & supplier from India. Grill rolling shutters are manufactured from 8mm or 10mm MS Bright Bars welded with vertical MS links. The Grill Rolling Shutters give maximum see through (Approx. 85%), hence ensure max light and ventilation.

Curtains can be of aluminum alloy or mild steel or stainless steel. These can be manufactured in number of designs according to customer choice of safety level needed. It gives ventilation and visibility benefit. But it is less safe and gives less protection compared to rolling shutter. So rolling shutter with grill is also made by us for customer who needs less ventilation. This is done by providing a small rolling grill in rolling shutter as needed by customer.

Our company has expertise in manufacturing bright bar grill rolling shutters which are made of international standard material. These automatic rolling grills are fabricated from high quality steel rods to operate on the same principles as rolling shutter. Ideal for showrooms and display windows. Rolling shutter grills permit full ventilation and let in light and keep out pilferers. Can be motorized for smooth and simple operations. Easy installation & low maintenance costs.



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Grill Rolling Shutters

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