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Perforated Electric Rolling Shutters

Perforated rolling shutters are complete with perforations or punchings for through-vision, making them a popular choice for applications such as shopfronts. Punched slats are available in brick-bond or in-line styles and offer a good level of through-vision. Perforated slats have small holes offering around 25% through vision and are particularly effective for retail units as they become almost transparent with good back lighting”

The perforated type of shutter offers the best compromise between visibility and security. With thousands of small holes a brightly lit window display is still visible but the holes are too small to allow object through. Perforated security shutters provide a transparent effect when background lighting is illuminated. This particular design of shutter offers a high degree of security with inner integral strength. Perforated shutters are commonly used when ventilation is a requirement.

C4G pull and push type motorised rolling shutters made out of guaranteed 18g or 19g CR. laths of convex corrugation complete with 10g bottom and 10g channels with interlocking arrangements for the steel laths brackets, extra strong door suspension shaft made out of new pipes loaded with high tension coil type springs locking arrangements (hasps), handles with all the fitting accessories in best workmanship the entire shutter painted with a coat of red oxide factory finish without top cover.

We at C4G Automation Pvt. Ltd. manufacture and supply a range of Perforated Steel Shutters ideal for shop fronts, retail, leisure and offices throughout the India. Additionally, these can also be supplied with a powder coated finish to achieve a stylish but secure finish to the shutters.



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Perforated Rolling Shutters

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