Motorised Garage Doors

Style and Security for Your Home.

“There is beauty, quality, versatility, and craftsmanship in all of our garage doors – for your home or commercial needs. C4G Automation is a premier garage door service company dedicated to providing quality sales, service, installation and repairs”

C4G has a unique ability to match your requirements for Automatic Custom Made Garage Doors. We design and produce using a variety of materials for its beauty, durability and prestige. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, C4G is a great place to start to make your dreams come true. We also have a wide range of electronic locking devices and Automation products for your Automatic Garage Doors.

Is there a particular style or feature that you have not seen in the huge range of C4G garage doors? You may have a specific design feature, profile, colour, style or material in mind, or some physical requirements which a standard garage door cannot satisfy. A C4G custom designed garage door may well be the answer!

Whether you are looking for a slight twist on a classic design or something truly unique to match your eclectic taste, C4G can help you. Materials, style, pattern, color, windows and trim can all be modified or made just for you to achieve the personalized design you want without sacrificing quality and while staying within your budget. We offer customization for any price range, giving you freedom to express your style through even the smallest of details.

Professional Garage Door Manufacturing and Installation

Our team is experienced and qualified to handle the design, manufacture, installation and service of our custom products in whichever material you choose ( Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mid Steel, Wooden) garage doors.

We use the best quality and precision engineering for each garage door, guaranteeing quiet and motorised doors that will stay durable through the worst weather conditions.

Craftsmanship & Engineering

We have the technical ability and building know-how to include advanced features and functions, finished exteriors, hidden struts, historical re-creations and large light sections. Everything comes down to our commitment to build the best garage doors we can using skilled craftsmen, advanced engineering and innovation.

C4G handcrafts the India’s best garage doors

For all architectural styles. All lifestyles. And, perhaps most importantly, all budgets. Not an architect? Not a designer? No problem. We handle every detail, from design to engineering to installation. Indeed, we promise you’ll love the process as much as the final product.

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Assuming that your gates are either manually locked or locked shut by automation motors, you will need to use at least one method of access control.

There are several methods used to control entry and exit, both of expected and unexpected visitors, namely:

  • Remote Control
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Control
  • GSM Mobile Control
  • Push Button
  • WiFi Control
  • Access Card or Card Reader Entry
  • Intercom Systems

All these methods can be supported by CCTV if required.

In order to determine which of these options will be required, we look forward to meeting you for a survey of your property.

We also automate garage doors and can link the garage door system to the gate system using a remote hand transmitter.

Motorised Garage Doors Types

There are various types of automatic garage doors with openers available for anyone that wants to automate the opening and closing of their garage doors. The reason that there are various options to choose from is because different types of garage doors require different openers to make them automatic, so it’s important to choose a suitable motor for the appropriate garage door.


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