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Sliding Top Roller Electric Garage Doors

Our garage doors were one of the earliest types of garage doors to follow the top hanging track type of garage doors first used. Sliding on different types of top hung rollers with guides commonly running in a U channel set into the ground, the doors are able to be manufactured to almost any size from various types of timber or steel. However the bottom channel was the weak point in the operation as it regularly filled with leaves, gravel and all types of debris which unless cleared out would upset the sliding operation of the door. The bottom tracks are heavy duty, designed to be both attractive and functional, with regular vehicle use expected. C4G also offer a S.S ā€˜Uā€™ channel version of their door, if required, which offers an improved bottom seal at the bottom edge of the door. Since round the corner doors are all top-hung, the bottom roller only acts as part of the guiding system for the bottom of the garage door.

C4G slide hung garage doors provide the perfect solution when space inside is limited either for side room or headroom C4G slide hanger garage doors as a description covers a multitude of garage door options. Many different tracking arrangements are possible depending on ground surface, weight of door panels and so on but with some careful though you can produce a very simple, easy to use side door system for long term use in either manual(in case power failure ) or electric mode. One of the other main advantages of one piece side garage doors is the freedom of design it offers as there are generally no restrictions on thickness, weight or size of door panels used. We offer side garage doors as a solution to both domestic, commercial requirements.



Sliding Garage Doors

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