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Bi-Folding Electric Gates

If You Have Limited Space, The Swinging Bi-Fold Gate Is Your Best Option

Our unique bi fold gates offer a space-saving solution for homes with limited or restricted entry spaces, where traditional swing gates or sliding gates are not practical. Those with small or narrow properties, short or restricted driveways, trees on the periphery or townhouses with limited entryways will find bifold driveway gates to be the ideal solution, as they fold outwards instead of sliding to the side. Each leaf of the bifold gate concertinas back into the next one, thereby reducing the distance required for the gate to open or close.

Bi-Folding Tracked Gate

The C4G Tracked Bi-Folding Gate consists of two posts, onto each post a bi-folding leaf is attached by hinges. The posts are connected by an overhead operator box which is cleated to and supported by an adjacent external structure, generally integral to a building. The bi-folding leaf utilises and overhead guide track within the underside of the operator box assembly, there is no requirement for ground guides or track.

Bi-Folding Trackless Gate

The C4G bi-folding trackless Gate represents the fourth generation of a folding security gate product developed by C4G Automation and provides the most versatile speed gate to date. With no requirement for a ‘top box’ or ground track, this trackless bi-folding speed gate truly offers a low cost but highly effective solution to vehicular access control. The C4G trackless bi-folding gate consists of a post onto which a bi-folding leaf is attached. Unlike other bi-folding gate systems, this does not require a track either in the ground or overhead to fold the leaf but uses a folding system housed inside a casing on top of the post hung leaf.



Motorised Bi Folding Gates

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