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Telescopic Electric Gates

An ingenious idea that incorporates a sliding and concertina gates, ideal for spaces that are restricted or tight.

To achieve the maximum clear opening where the run back is very restricted, the telescopic gate is ideal. Telescopic tracked gates can be made with up to five sections, and can reduce the run back required by 75%, compared to a single leaf gate. Our special static drive system allows all the leaves to move simultaneously, alternatively we can utilize a special moving drive system that is incorporated into the leading gate leaf, and driving the rear wheel. Each telescopic gate panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. The telescopic gates can be personalized and are manufactured to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.

The span can cover an area of upto 25mtrs.

Telescopic gates basically allow twice the opening width into half the space. For example if you had a four meter opening but only two and a half meters of run off area with a standard sliding gate there is simply no way. Using the telescopic gate kit allows the four meters to slide neatly behind the two and a half meter run off area leaving your four meters clear.


Space- A telescopic gate will open into a space smaller than the entrance to which it is positioned. This is idea when a conventional sliding gate does not have enough space or parking space is limited and swing gate will not work.

Speed- Telescopic gates move open and close very quickly. A lot of consideration needs to be paid towards gate safety (below).

Security- Another advantage of telescopic gates are that they move incredibly quickly and cannot be forced open without exceptional leverage.



Automatic Telescopic Gate

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