Trackless Bi Fold Swing Gates

“If you are one of the many people who have never been able to consider an automatic gate before due to limited space or a sloped drive… You now can! Bi fold gates are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial entrances where a standard swing or sliding gate is not an option. Trackless Bi Fold Gates bring security to those who never could have it before”

The C4G trackless bi-folding speed gate comprises a unique drive mechanism to control the opening and closing of a bi folding set of gates. This mechanism converts and controls both leaves producing a smooth but fast action. This unique design allows the gate to operate without the use of a bottom or top track, thus eliminating any height restrictions and large tracks in the road.

Compact, Space Saving, Smooth & Quiet

Our Trackless Bi Fold Gates are a compact solution to your security needs where space is limited. The Bi Folding Gates are automatic, running smoothly and quietly.

C4G Automation is an Indian owned business. Our Trackless Bi-fold Automatic Gates are designed and manufactured by us locally in Bangalore, Australia.

Bi Fold Gates Are Designed for Those Who Have:
  • Restricted Space
  • Small Property Frontages
  • Short & Narrow Drives
  • Sloping Drives
  • Curved & U-Shaped Drives
  • Entrances with Side Walls – building & retainer walls
  • Height Restrictions – basement parking, garages & carports
  • Lane-Way Access
Why Choose a Bi Folding Gate?
  • They take up half the space of a standard swing gate
  • More usable & accessible space – allowing two cars to park safely inside property
  • Doesn’t encroach across the path of pedestrian gate access
  • Extremely versatile
  • Combine a single Bi-Fold Gate with a single swing or a small sliding gate for complicated angled entrances
  • Completely trackless
  • Extremely smooth & quiet
  • Provides security to those who never could have it before
Safety Features:
  • The Bi-Folding Method – Requires considerably less power to operate
  • Less wind effect – compared to standard swing gates
  • Bi-Fold Mechanism – taking a % of the gate weight, meaning less wear and tear on the motor

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Assuming that your gates are either manually locked or locked shut by automation motors, you will need to use at least one method of access control.

There are several methods used to control entry and exit, both of expected and unexpected visitors, namely:

  • Remote Control
  • Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Control
  • GSM Mobile Control
  • Push Button
  • WiFi Control
  • Access Card or Card Reader Entry
  • Intercom Systems

All these methods can be supported by CCTV if required.

In order to determine which of these options will be required, we look forward to meeting you for a survey of your property.

We also automate garage doors and can link the garage door system to the gate system using a remote hand transmitter.


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